Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Bobby's Version of An Arthurian Classic

For Bobby's English work, he decided to retell the story of The Lady of Shalott.
Original by 'Some guy with a very long beard' (according to Bobby)

I haven't edited it. It's kind of cute the way it is.

His middle name isn't Lewis. He just can't pronounce Llewellyn....

(no plagiarism there then)

Long long ago on a little island far away. The Island was called Camelot.
There were rivers
and streams
and lilies
and everything.

There were four grey towers and four great walls. That was the beautiful castle of the Lady of the Shalott.

The Reapers were Reaping early nearby. (The Lady of Shalott) she sometimes looked in the mirror.

She was quite pretty I think.

But...A terrible curse was on her. If she looked down to Camelot she would DIE in a few hours.

But she didn't know what the curse was. And I told you my friend.

But just sometimes my friend some people are outside the towers and she didn't look.

There were damsels, abbots (I can't tell it all!) and oh my! But she still looked in the mirror and said..I am half sick of shadows.


Then there was a sound of a horse. And a brave knight was riding it outside the tower. His suit was so metal and silver. And he looked fearless...He sang a little song "Tirra Lirra". The Lady of Shalott's mirror saw him.

Suddenly, she made three paces through the room. And oh no! CRASH! She looked down to Camelot. The mirror cracked from side to side. She shouted...The curse has come upon me! She ran out of the tower and for her life. She found a boat and some woods. She went into it.

She released the chain and went through the river. She wished she hadn't looked down to Camelot.

But then she sung her last song. Some people (knights) were in Camelot and they heard the goodbye song.

Her eyes darkened and her blood was freezing. Then when she finished, she died. Everyone came to see her...

I feel like I'm going to cry now...They realised...she was dead.

They (knights) crossed themselves for fear.

All the knights in Camelot looked at her. Lancelot mused a little space. He said..."She has a lovely face"
"God in his mercy lend her grace"

And the story.

The End.