Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Residential Day 1

The news so far from the residential is that Bobby's canoe didn't capsize.
So that's good.

The other kids were ambling up to school with petite overnight wheely cases as I dragged Bobby's 'compact' suitcase, which felt as if four elephants had managed to stowaway inside it, to the back door. I then took his poor teaching assistant through all the Bobby 'extras'. I don't think the tour manager for Madonna's Rebel Heart show had much more information to contend with.

If I were a normal parent, I'd be thinking that all this 'extra' represented spoilt behaviour. To Bobby, this change is massive and anxiety-provoking. Let's not make it any harder than it is. Even if it does mean having his own tour bus.

I didn't hear from Bobby early that evening, as he spoke to his dad on the phone whilst I was taking advantage of some quality time with Alec to take the train to Chester and back.

Still, I texted Gavin from the train after his brief (very male) text that said:
'Bobby's called. He's fine.'

Not enough information.'He may call you later,' texted Gav. 'Or he may not. I think they're only allowed one call. Like prison.'

This wasn't helping.

I was just watching Tony Hadley surviving his first conflict in the I'm A Celeb jungle when the phone went - it was Bobby's teacher. Apparently he was a little homesick.

'I had a good daa-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay' he wailed. 'But now I'm a bit...sniffle...sob....'

Okay so he's a bit homesick at night when finally faced with a bedtime routine that doesn't feature yours truly. Unsurprising. The fact that being outdoors in a boat hadn't fazed him was actually pretty amazing. His teachers reassured me that he was doing ok. I didn't feel nervous. I know he's in good hands and that they'll call me if he gets distressed. I trust those people and that's the main thing. On a scale of one to major meltdown, he sounded like he was having a minor hiccup. One that I wouldn't blame any 11 year old from having when away from home for the first time.

Let's hope he's busy building lots of memories that he'll look back on with pride.

Meanwhile, Alec is LOVING IT without Bobby around. Front seat of the car all the time. Fried eggs for dinner (Bobby doesn't 'do' eggs), lots of attention, no noisy 'bed engine' start up session from Bobby at night...he's not exactly being sentimental, put it that way.

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